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Consumer reviews posted on DealerRater also appear on, alongside the reviews the site collects. This integration expands the reach of DealerRater's reviews and grows the existing review platform to continue to help arm consumers with the tools they need to make informed decisions on what to buy, where to buy and whom to buy from.

Which dealers can utilize this syndication?

All customers utilize this syndication.

How can dealers ensure their reviews will appear?

DealerRater reviews will begin syndicating automatically to within 24 hours after their package enrollment. No additional action is needed by the dealer.

What information will be displayed for these dealers on their Car

Review feed:

  • A combined feed of DealerRater and reviews will display chronologically on the dealer’s profile page.


  • Dealers will display an overall Average Rating, based on the last 24 months of combined and DealerRater review ratings.

Public review replies:

  • Public review replies posted to DealerRater will also publish on

LotShot review content:

  • Currently, LotShot photos will not publish on, although the review content and ratings will syndicate like any other review

Employee Profiles:

  • now connects consumers directly to individual salespeople at the dealership. The feature Salesperson Connect, integrates DealerRater employee profiles with the Vehicle Details Page (VDP).

How will DealerRater reviews on be identified?

If a review is originally posted on DealerRater, the review will be labeled with DealerRater as the source.

When can we expect a DealerRater review to post to

DealerRater reviews will post to automatically via a daily feed.

Who should dealers contact for more information?

Dealers can call DealerRater Support at 800-266-9455 for assistance with DealerRater reviews. Dealers are also welcome to call Support at 888-252-7731 for any questions on their account.