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DealerRater Advertising Specifications and Requirements

There are three primary advertising placements available on DealerRater, each with it's own size and specifications. Every Certified dealer gains access to the advertising space on their Dealer Profile Page, and all advertising placements owned on DealerRater include access to the mobile format advertising space at no additional cost. Additional advertising placements, such as advertising on Service Profile or Directory pages, may be available as part of an upgrade. Please see the chart above, with details following, for more information about advertising placements, specifications, and files available on DealerRater.

Dealer Profile Page

Every Dealer Profile Page on DealerRater contains an advertising space located on the left-hand side of the page, below the dealership name and to the left of the dealership bio. The dimensions of the advertising space on Profile Pages is 300 x 250 pixels. Unowned advertising spaces may display targeted ads from online ad services.

Dealership Directory Pages

DealerRater directories are divided up by brand of vehicle, and by State, City, or zip/postal code - for example Volkswagen dealers in Massachusetts. Every directory page has an advertising space at the top of the page, with dimensions of 728 x 90 pixels. Advertising owned on these pages is often referred to as State Banner ads (for State Directories) or DMA Banner ads (for zip-code targeted DMA directories.) As with Dealer Profile Pages, unowned advertising spaces may display targeted ads from online ad services.

Mobile Formats

Any DealerRater dealer which contains an advertising placement may also be viewed on a mobile device and will display in a mobile-friendly format. When viewed in a mobile format, all DealerRater advertising spaces have dimensions of 600 x 180 pixels, regardless of the full-site dimensions of the advertising space.

Supported File Types

  • JPG: JPG files are static image files, and may be used in any advertising space on DealerRater. In addition to the JPG file itself, you will also need the URL you would like the advertisement to link to when clicked.

  • GIF: GIF files are animated images, and like JPG's may be used in any advertising placement. Also like JPG's, you will need the target URL you would like the ad to link to when clicked.

  • Video: Videos may be used for DealerRater advertising, provided the video is available on YouTube. Once the video has been posted to YouTube, it may be embedded into a DealerRater advertising space. Because of the dimensions of the various advertising spaces, Video ads are only usable on Dealer Profile pages - the other advertising placements will not allow for a video in a watchable shape and size.

General Advertising Policies

Below are our general advertising policies:

  • Ads must not contain false or misleading statements or suggestions.

  • All ads must display your dealership’s logo.

  • All ads must open a new browser window or tab.

  • All non-Flash ad updates can be self-managed in the Dealer Panel.

  • Ads cannot expand in size without prior authorization.

Audio and Video Policy

Audio Policy:

  • Audio must be initiated by user.

  • Must have audio controls (cannot auto play.)

Video Policy:

  • Video must be initiated by user.

  • Must have Play/Pause/Audio controls (cannot auto play.)

  • DealerRater can link to video files or host .swf files only.