DealerRater Employee Ratings Explained
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What are Employee Ratings?

DealerRater understands that when a customer visits a dealership, they don't just work with the dealership, they work with the employees of that dealership 

Employee ratings are just one of the features available on DealerRater Employee Profiles to help dealership employees stand out from their competition and connect with potential customers. 

How ratings are calculated

Employee Ratings are an average of all ratings an employee has received. 
  • Reviewers rate any employee they have selected in their review, and each employee's overall rating is an average of all of the ratings an employee has received. 
  • Employee ratings have a 24-month active window, just like dealership ratings; older reviews are still displayed, but the ratings are no longer counted.

How to get rated on DealerRater

  • An employee must receive at least five separate ratings before their overall rating is displayed.
  • One rating, positive or negative, doesn't tell enough of a story for us to assign that as an overall rating to an employee.
  • Any employee who has not been rated at least five times will not have an overall rating displayed - they will instead receive an 'N/A'.

Are Employee's Ratings different from the overall rating?

  • An Employee rating is separate from the overall review score. 
  • Employee Ratings do not have to match the sentiment on the review, so an employee who provided a great customer experience can still get a positive rating even if the reviewer was unsatisfied with their overall experience.
  • Employee Ratings are necessary for a customer when they submit a review, so employees can easily see how they are performing over time.

Where are my reviews displayed?

  • Employee Ratings given on individual reviews will be visible anywhere a review is displayed. 
  • Any employee tagged in a review will be displayed below the review content.
  • Administrative users will also be able to run the 'Employees' report in the Dealer Panel on an 'Employee Rating' metric

Ratings are only part of the equation

When considering your employee profiles, make sure to keep the following information in mind:

  • Employee Profile Pages provide a lot of information to help your employees stand out to your potential customers. For more information, click on more info below.
  • By using tools like LotShot and being part of the Certified Employee Program allow your employees to participate in your review collection and reputation management efforts.
  • Make sure top-rated employees are DealerRater Certified. Certified employees increase their ranking in DealerRater search directories and stand out to potential customers. The only requirement to be Certified is to get 10 positive review tags in the past quarter.