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How Does ReviewBuilder Work?

ReviewBuilder is an automated review solicitation tool. ReviewBuilder helps you quickly and easily grow your dealership’s review volume on DealerRater, Google, and Facebook by automating the review solicitation process of your sales and service customers.

Step 1: the sales or service transaction occurs at the dealership

  • Every closed sale or repair order is logged in your DMS.

  • Dealer enters customer info into DMS as usual.

  • Info gets pushed to a data partner overnight.

Step 2: Smart Targeting distributes reviewers to DealerRater, Google, and Facebook

  • DealerRater analyzes your dealership's performance on DealerRater, Google, and Facebook, every day, to determine where the need for reviews is greatest on that day.

  • Your customers are assigned to a review form for one of those three review sites based on our Smart Targeting algorithm’s findings, OR-based on how the dealership has manually set its distribution.

  • We analyze your data to identify users with a Gmail email address and send them the review form for Google.

Step 3: An automatic review request goes out to the customer

  • Text request is sent.

  • Text cannot be sent? An email is sent instead.

  • The request includes a Write a Review link that will take them DealerRater, Google, or Facebook.

  • There is logic in place to prevent duplicate review requests from being sent for customers that have multiple visits or conflicts with LotShot.

Step 4: The customer writes a review

  • Customer submits a review on, Google, or Facebook.

  • If the request was sent via text, the customer will be sent to your review form on either DealerRater, Facebook, or Google which is decided by the Smart Targeting algorithm.

Step 5: The review goes live

  • Review displays a Verified Customer badge (DealerRater only)

  • Follows regular syndication and review feed flow

  • The review becomes part of the overall review count and rating for the dealer and employees.

Other Helpful Information

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