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How to Create a Stand-Out Employee Profiles

Creating robust Employee Profiles are essential for creating trust with your customer. In this article, we provide tips on best practices. 

Step 1

Take a quality profile photo so you can be easily picked out of a crowd! 
  • Stand behind a plain background or your dealerships logo
  • Go professional with a simple headshot, so prospects will recognize you easily and ask for you by name
  • Be your everyday self – a genuine smile and welcoming pose give a great first impression

Step 2

Share your story with a personalized bio. Let your customers get to know you.

Use these questions to generate your bio: 
  • What is your role at the dealership? 
  • How long have your worked here? Hometown, family, personal interests 
  • Personal quote or motto 
  • Best part of your day 
  • Your contact info

Step 3

Let your personality shine, with a video that focuses on the type of experience your customer will expect.

  • Plan a professional presentation, recapping some of the details in your bio. 
  • Or, go candid and casual with a smartphone video. Better yet - film a live testimonial with a happy customer! 
  • Using video editing software, add finishing touches such as music, your logo, or graphics.

Step 4

Promote your completed profile!

  • Find your Employee Page URL in your browser’s address bar. Bookmark and save it for quick access. Include your URL in your email signature and social media. 
  • Create a shortened URL and a QR code. A quick web search will reveal many free tools for this purpose! 
  • Are you a Certified Employee? Add your new credential to your LinkedIn profile.