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How to Remove Reviews from Previous Ownership of Your DealerRater Page

If your dealership has recently changed hands, you may be looking at a DealerRater profile page that contains feedback that is no longer relevant because it pertains to prior ownership. We are happy to remove reviews when a dealership is acquired by new ownership, however, we do need verification to confirm when this change took place.

To verify the date of the ownership change, the DealerRater Content Team requires documentation confirming the date of the change in ownership. Below are examples of documentation that the Content Team can accept to confirm the details of a change in ownership:

Dealer License

The simplest piece of documentation to send over is the new auto dealer license. This is a publicly available document that all dealerships should have readily available, and it includes all required information.  

Purchase Agreement/Other Legal Documentation

This documentation may be redacted so that private financial information is not shared, but should display the name of the seller, the buyer, the address of the dealership, and the date that the transaction took place.

Industry Reporting Site

Automotive News, Automotive Buy Sell Report, etc. list dealership acquisitions as reported via PR announcements and in the automotive news media. If the dealership has publicly reported the ownership change, and the transaction is listed on one of these industry sites, we will accept a link to the page for verification.

State Government Reporting Site

Some states display the details of auto dealership buy/sell transactions on their Attorney General website (or other government consumer information site). If the dealership is in a state that displays this information, we will accept a link to the page for verification.

Third-Party Report

While not ideal, we will accept a link to a third-party site that demonstrates that a change has taken place. For example, an article in the local newspaper announcing the new ownership to the community, as long as the article is dated and the source can be contacted.


To submit a request to remove reviews due to a change in ownership, please email with the request and supporting documentation, or contact DealerRater Support if you have any questions.