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Instructions for Writing a DealerRater Review

Copied below are step-by-step instructions for customers to post a Review on DealerRater. Please feel free to share these instructions with your customers.

Step 1 - Open the Write a Review Form

Below are two separate hyperlinks to the Write a Review form. Please click on the country you are currently located in for the best experience.

United States: Write a Review form

Canada: Write a Review From

Step 2 - Search for the dealership

Start reviewing your most recent dealership experience by using the search bar at the top of the form.

Step 3 - Rate the dealership

Enter your Overall Rating for your experience, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

Step 4 - Write your review

In the open form field, describe your experience with the dealership using 15 words or more.

Step 5 - Submit Vehicle information

Specify your Reason for Visit: New Sales, Used Sales, or Service. Enter your vehicle information, including make and model, and indicate if you purchased or leased.

Step 6 - Rate the Employees you worked with

Next, rate each employee you worked with at the Dealership. If you want to rate an employee that is not listed, use the free form field to type the employees name.

Step 7 - Optional Questions

Complete each optional question to give the dealership more insight into your experience.

Step 8 - Submit your Review

Once you have completed your review, click "Submit."

Step 9 - Enter your email and screen name

After clicking submit, you must enter an email and a screen name.

Step 9 - Activate your review

Open your email that you used to submit your review and activate the review by accepting the invite. Once accepting the invite, you will be prompted to create an account so you can communicate with the dealership if you choose.