Reasons for Reporting a Review

If you feel that a review violates our review policy and would like to report it, you will be asked to select a reason for reporting the review in a dropdown menu. The following list contains all of the reasons you can choose and what they mean:

Duplicate Review

We only allow one review per experience, so reviews that describe the same experience will be flagged as duplicates. Reviews may also be flagged for duplication if they contain matching user data – the IP address, device ID, user account, host information, etc – as that behavior indicates activity that violates our Terms of Use.

If you have received a review that you believe is a duplicate of another review for your dealership, please report the review to our Content Team. When reporting a review as a duplicate, please let us know the screen name and date of the review you believe to be the duplicate, and if needed, any other information that could help our Content Team to identify the review as a duplicate.

Former Employee

Recently terminated employees attempting to retaliate against the dealership occasionally submit false reviews. That behavior is prohibited as those experiences are either irrelevant to the consumer experience or completely made up. Reviews are intended to detail average consumers’ experience, so reviewers cannot be affiliated with any auto dealership or manufacturer, currently or within the past five years. This prohibition extends to immediate family members, wholesalers, exporters, fleet managers, and anyone employed to interact with a dealership in a manner outside of the average consumer experience.

Suppose you believe a review of your dealership was posted by a former employee or someone affiliated with the auto industry. In that case, you may report the review so that we can look into the situation. When reporting a review for this reason, please provide as much information as possible about both the employee you believe to be responsible (name, email address, social media profiles, etc.) and why you think this person submitted the review.

Fraudulent Review

We consider reviews that willfully violate our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines to be fraudulent. This can include, but is not limited to, content that is intended to defraud or harm another, content written by a dealership to increase their score or to lower the score of another, references to the physical appearance of others, attempts to obtain money and services beyond the scope of the transaction in exchange for removing the review, racial and ethnic references, and threatening or violent speech.

If you believe your dealership has received a review submitted under fraudulent pretenses, please report the review to us. When reporting a fraudulent review, please be specific in your message to let us know how you identified the review as fraudulent.

Incorrect Dealer

Occasionally, reviewers navigate to the incorrect page, especially in cases where there is a commonly used name or multiple dealerships for the same brand in a small area. If you need to report a review for this reason, please let us know which page you believe the review is intended for.


If you believe that a review does not belong on the page for a reason that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, it should be reported as other. Please note that all reviews are subject to the same guidelines to ensure our content’s consistency and integrity. We will judge the review against our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines policies to determine whether or not it should be removed.

If you report a review for this reason, please be as detailed as possible in your message explaining why you believe the review should be removed.