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Supported DMS Systems for ReviewBuilder

ReviewBuilder is a hands-free, automated review solicitation tool that allows you to send your customers to DealerRater,, Google, and Facebook to leave a review about their experience.

ReviewBuilder ingests your customer's data from your Dealerships DMS. DealerRater has partnered with CDK Data Services (formerly DMI) and Reynolds and Reynolds to manage data integration from most major DMS providers. A list of Supported DMS providers is below.

Reynolds and Reynolds

If you use Reynolds and Reynolds for your DMS, DealerRater will work directly with Reynolds and Reynolds to receive your data feed.

CDK Data Services

For all non-Reynold's DMS providers, DealerRater will work with CDK Data Services to receive your data feed. The following DMS systems are already set up with CDK Data Services:

  • ADAM Systems

  • Automate

  • Autosoft International (ASI)

  • CDK Alliance Canada

  • CDK DASH (aka w.e.b.Suite 1000, Alliance)

  • CDK Drive

  • CDK w.e.b.Suite 2000

  • Darwin XE Systems

  • DDS (aka Dubuque Data Services)

  • Dealer Built (aka Lightyear)

  • DealerTrack/Arkona

  • Dominion Access (aka ACS, Automotive Computer Services, Vue)

  • DPC Systems

  • Frazer (Sales Only)


  • Jarvis Computer Systems

  • L’Autopak

  • MPK

  • Oasis Auto Complete

  • PBS Drive System

  • PBS Financial Systems

  • Procede

  • Rapid Systems


  • Tekion

  • TIM Systems

  • Advent (Sales only)